“Helena Margareta is a beacon of radiant hope and light in a world where hope and light are deeply needed. It is wonderful to have Helena for a personal friend. It is also wonderful to know that my friend is stunningly gifted by God to be a healing light worker and is able to help others into their own healing gifts. She is unselfish about helping people find their own centers of light energy and personhood. For me the greatest grace of meditating with Dr. Helena’s guided meditation has been to receive the gift of being able to forgive and heal old soul wounds. With Eternal Thanks for her beautiful work made available to all of us.”

- Dr. Anele Heiges, President, International Public Policy Institute, United Nations, New York, Vienna, Geneva

“I first met Helena a couple of years ago when she was doing a seminar in in Norway. I’ll never forget this meeting. Her personality was so clear, bright-loving and warm that I felt I was in another dimension. It felt like she filled me with light and lifted me up to a level of love and peace. After the seminar this feeling stayed with me. One year later she was doing a new seminar and I joined again. I was filled with the same feeling but this time even deeper. I can only say this was the best seminar I have ever attended.”

- Dan Morkestol, Oslo, Norway

“Thank you for the help you gave me to find my true self. It was a great experience to meet you. I was very helped through the energy that you transmitted to me during our session. Whatever it was, it really helped me. I would like to meet you again when you come to Norway.”

- Ingeborg U., Oslo, Norway

“Thank you for everything. I can sing again. You gave me my singing voice back. I have never sung so beautifully before. I am eternally grateful to you for the help you have given me.”

- Klaudia T., Croatia

“I won my match and it was only because of your helping energy in our phone call before the match. I walked out feeling the Light bringing me forward, giving me strength. I think I have never been this good before.”

- Nate H., Miami, FL

“Your influence has been so positive on my whole life and outlook, the way I think, talk and did things. Everything that seemed to have been wrong before seems to be corrected after our telephone sessions. Tell me when you come to town so I can attend your next lecture.”

- Michael K., Stockholm, Sweden

“I really believe your meditations are God-given and go through the dimensions. I feel they transform lives into being good lives. I was very satisfied with the results.”

- Saija L., Helsinki, Finland

“I was suffering from high blood pressure and we couldn’t bring it down. After a one-on-one session with Helena, my blood pressure went down from dangerously high to normal in 3 days. It has remained normal ever since.”

- Wildfrid de F,. CEO The Association for the Promotion of Good Health

“We were glad to welcome such a great speaker and dedicated healer, bringing activation to the souls in New York and especially here at the United Nations”

- Sharon Hamilton-Getz, World Harmony Council and Forum at the United Nations

“You explained so much and your words gave me a guideline how to help myself get through my difficult time and get well again.”

- Petra Mc D., New York

“I still feel super-great after our session last week. I am upshifted, strong and clear!!Thank you is not enough to describe how grateful I am. Gracias de mi Corazon. Blessings to you.”

- Marta, C., Connecticut

“The only way I could have done this was through you. I stayed focused and strong all through this tedious and complicated trial. You inspired me to strength and resourcefulness. Thank you for being my mentor, teacher and supporter.”

- J.S.M., prosecutor, Chicago

“I had a feeling that as soon as you entered the room, your presence immediately made me feel harmonious, positive and so calm. The method you teach in your workshops, really works and it is so simple.”

- Christina H. Stockholm, Sweden

“I enjoyed every minute of your healing lecture and your meditation was a gateway to heaven. Great things have happened in my life afterwards, and I feel I have to thank you for that.”

- Wenche A., Kristiansand, Norway

“Thank you for your wonderful help, Helena. You have a unique and amazing gift. You are doing a great service for this world and I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.”

- Anette M., Producer, Miami

“ How did you know what was wrong with me, I never told you anything and you could still help me. For the first time in a long time, I felt inspired and that my head was straight and I could think clearly again. It was a wonderful feeling and I am back to my normal self again. You inspired me to strength and good ideas. As a professional musician for a major Symphony Orchestra I have to be focused and clear in my head.”

- Toni, F., Hollywood, FL

“Helena is fantastic. I believe she did something extraordinary that makes me feel very balanced and at peace… plus something more that I cannot describe, like my family and I now get along much better. I have come to a new understanding about my life and about purpose and consequences. I feel good about myself and I didn’t before.”

- Anita C., Stockholm, Sweden

“I would like to thank you for our session last week. It was very powerful for me and set me on my life path again with some new goals. I went back to writing and I now feel I can channel information in a way I could not do before. I didn’t know life could be this fun. Thank you.”

- Linda H., Palm Beach, FL

“I stopped my HIV medication last year and I am holding very well with no medication. I have now gone back to work and have started jogging. This is near a miracle and all thanks to you. Thank you for saving me, dear Helena.”

- Name withheld., New York

“must share with you the joy I am experiencing since I began to use your method of Pulling in the Light. The best part is that it is immediate. It is a wonderful, warm, loving and healing experience to experience the loving presence of God as— Light. Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU.”

- Rev. Dorothy Nicholson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Dear Helena. I send you this little angel because you have truly been my angel. I wrote in my journal today that I can thank you for being alive today.”

- Yvette M.,, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I had so much stress at work, and couldn’t see an end to my problems. I felt I was about to break down and wanted to go away and never come back, but knew I couldn’t and I actually liked my position. I just had a problem handling everything on my plate. Then I heard about you and after a few coaching sessions with you, all my old burdens had lifted and I had my old enthusiasm back.”

- Emma M. S., Stuttgart, Germany

“You have saved my life and sanity. I didn’t know how to cope with all the pressure with my new business, employees and family wanting my time and attention. I felt there was no time for me to breathe. Our sessions over the telephone have been life-saving. You were always there for me on the phone wherever I was:  at the office, traveling or at home in my kitchen …. always helping with good energy and advice.. You have been the answer to my prayers.  I am more organized now and have no anxiety attacks. My time goes further. This is amazing and you are amazing. Thank you for being part of my life.”

- Sylvia F. G. J., Miami, FL

“I came to Helena for a session trying to get over my sad loss of my only son. I was so depressed and had lost both my will and strength to live. She helped me to pick up the pieces and put me back together again. Once she had opened me up to the living Light within me, something clicked and I felt my life was worth living again. I’m now looking forward to living my life and I have more energy than almost ever.”

- Anna Maria T., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Your technique is so simple, I just followed your directions and everything began to fall into place. From now on I have no more doubt. I just know that everything is going to be all right in my life. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to my true self and to finding my own soul-power."

- Desiree, Montreal, Canada

"A most insightful and inspiring session.  Your inspiration and insights  are powerful and I was in awe. I am both happier and more in balance. I now react differently to my problems and I seem to have more friends in my life. You guided me to emerge and be the person you saw that I could be. You have given me hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “

- Anita D., Boca Raton, Florida

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the difference that you have made in my life. The work you are doing has the potential to shift mankind. I have my positive outlook back and my reconnection to my old self. I feel wonderful every day the minute I wake up.”

- Lisa S. Palm Beach, Florida

“ ...You have helped me, my children, my husband and my in-laws, during the past 11 years. I can’t imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t helped us with your wisdom, healing and spiritual wisdom during all these years. You have become our regular family life coach. I feel so fortunate that I found you. You are unbelievable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

- Karen B. and family, Cleveland, Ohio

“I just had to let you know that ever since we talked on Saturday, I have had NO stomach pain whatsoever. I repeat. NO PAIN! After three long, painful years I am feeling well again! I have spent the last two days touching my midsection every so often in complete disbelief. I feel lighter as if something has been unblocked inside of me and so much weight came off my chest. Even breathing seems easier. I haven't felt like this for so long. 

I don't know what gifts you have been given, but I feel so thankful for everything you have done and that I was able to connect with you.

I know that you help many people, but I feel like I am the luckiest of them all.”

- Monika B., Connecticut

"Thank you for helping me find my Inner Child. I feel young and full of dreams again. I have been hoping for this for years. When I woke up in the morning after our meeting I noticed the difference immediately. Something has happened within me that I cannot quite describe. I feel calm and safe. The blockage I was feeling around me has disappeared. Now almost 3 months later I am continuing to feel better and my silly headaches are gone. I had them daily before. You are such a giving, Divine Spirit. Thank you again."

- Kelly McB., Atlanta, GA

Helena Margareta was born with a spiritual gift others only speak about in theory, but cannot use or teach personally. Although this power has run in her family for centuries, she was unaware of the fact that also she had been given a gift and didn’t use her gift until later in her life. She is here to help the world. You help one, and one after the other… it moves over to many.

All testimonials are unsolicited and from original emails already on file with us at Activale Institute and Books. We have taken the liberty to translate some into English where necessary.