Dare to Live the Life

You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Be a master of your life and welcome a Successful, Balanced, and Fruitful Life.

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Dare to Live the Life

You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Helping Women Lead Satisfying, Balanced, and Fruitful Lives
-- Of course we will help men too if they so desire

Guiding People Through Life With Intuitive Coaching and
Healing of Old Soul Wounds


"When I finally went along with my Divine Plan, I soon found the Happiness and Success I had been looking for. I also found  Love, Inner Security, and New Ways to Stay Well. All I had to do was to follow the Formula I had been given. Most of all I discovered that this special Formula was a direct link to the Universe, and  that it in no way could be treated with disrespect: Because this link determined  The True ME, my possibilities and where I was going with my life....”

Helena’s extraordinary  and most extensive life experience has given her a wealth of knowledge seldom seen in the motivational-inspirational arena, an ability that her clients find extremely helpful when they want to advance in their lives.

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Your HEART is calling. Are you listening?

Let your light shine and use your power within so you can be your best you!
Meet your Executive Healing Coach for Healing and Personal Development
Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn

“Helena Margareta”
Born with the gift to help and heal

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Find Yourself

Do you know who you are? Who you really are? You always had a feeling—somewhere deep down within you—that there was so much more about you, dreams, hopes, ideas, talents, things that you feel could make a big difference in your life.

… but you felt you were stuck and could never get where you wanted to be.

Please know there is a way, a very simple technique for you to use so you can make that extra step forward and release all your inner abilities to finally, find yourself on that path forward where all is possible, wherever you are.

Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn (far right) with Sharon Hamilton, Founder and President of Project Harmony and Forum at the United Nations and  Ambassador Chowhury, a dedicated advocate for Women's Rights in the world, all speakers at the United Nations  on International Women's day.

Helena has devoted her career to the Empowerment of Women and  applying Feminine Energy in Leadership. She sees the Leadership of Women as the Foundation for a Healthy and Peaceful World.

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Learn to use your Body — Mind — Soul Connection and become a magnet for the Good and Positive. Live your truth and become the one you were meant to be.

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“Helena Margareta is a beacon of radiant hope and light in a world where hope and light are deeply needed. It is wonderful to have Helena for a personal friend. It is also wonderful to know that my friend is stunningly gifted by God to be a healing light worker and is able to help others into their own healing gifts. She is unselfish about helping people find their own centers of light energy and personhood. For me the greatest grace of meditating with Dr. Helena’s guided meditation has been to receive the gift of being able to forgive and heal old soul wounds. With Eternal Thanks for her beautiful work made available to all of us.”

- Dr. Anele Heiges, President, International Public Policy Institute, United Nations, New York, Vienna, Geneva

Meet Your Mentor, Coach and Healer

Rev. Dr. Helena Margareta Steiner-Hornsteyn has successfully and for almost half a Century worked with tens of thousands of individuals to improve their lives usually with amazing results. She has taught her method all over the world how to feel well, happy, and in balance with you yourself and your surrounding world.

She not only teaches the technique, she also uses her method daily in her own work. Tens of thousands of individuals have enjoyed her one-on-one White-Light power consultations and many more have attended her healing workshops and lectures internationally. She has been ranked one of the top spiritual healing coaches in the world. Although naturally very spiritual and gifted with an extraordinary intuitive perception of what we call “getting in touch with the Secrets of Life”, she is very down to earth, has a good understanding of how life actually works – and what you can do to be in control of your life.

Helena’s extensive life experience has given her a wealth of both wisdom and knowledge seldom seen in the motivational-inspirational arena, an ability that her clients find extremely helpful when they want to advance in their lives — may it be on a physical, personal or professional level.

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She particularly understands women and how they best can function successfully in a world so full of stress and imbalance, helping them find new ways and solutions for a more satisfying, balanced, and profitable life.

Learn being in charge of your life, using your very own Inner Power to transform your life and strengthen your connection between your mind, body, and soul for ultimate results. There is so much knowledge about life and how life functions and most of us wish for that knowledge.

The basic purpose of our private sessions is for you to use the knowledge is to improve who you already are and to excel.

“Helena Margareta was born with some very valuable gifts, which she resisted for a significant portion of her life. When she finally gave in to her amazing natural instinct, her evolving self-acceptance not only changed her life in miraculous ways but she also inspires others to find their own healing and wholeness.”

—Christine De Lorey, author Life Cycles, Your Emotional Journey to Freedom and Happiness

Randy Denton, the former Director of Broward Center for Living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, recalls her lecture at his Center: “From the moment I met Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn I was fascinated by her personality and abilities. She was such a spiritually centered woman, who vibrated at a level we are not used to in people. I was extremely impressed and convinced with everything she said and did. She radiates what she teaches, and without realizing it, she pulls you into a fascinating journey of self-discovery. She brought me to a feeling of inner calm. I couldn’t believe how every trace of old stress had disappeared from my system and how peaceful I felt afterwards.”

She has earned a great reputation internationally for her integrity and sincerity and many people have reported life-changing results from participating in her:

  • inspirational healing consultations, healing coaching workshops, and lectures.

“Words cannot fully describe what she does and my feelings of gratitude: I first met Helena almost 20 years ago, seeking help mostly for my then 3-year old son. I left the meeting in awe of the experience and with a new sense of direction. I still consider this first session with her as one of the most remarkable and empowering experiences of my life. – We have since had many sessions with her throughout the years whenever we needed healing or guidance, making us feel healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Helena is a powerful and amazing healer, teacher, and guide. She works with the highest of love: Desire to help someone be the best that they can be. I highly recommend!”

—Dorota Knyszewska, Bethany, Connecticut

Helena takes you on an extensive journey of self-discovery through your subconscious mind and helps you find the purpose with your life, connecting you with a higher level of awareness already existing within you. She has a tendency to bring in joy and laughter into her programs since she has found that joy, good attitudes and positive thoughts have a way to helping you reach deeper into the wisdom of your soul–the place where your new positive life begins.

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About Healing

What we call Healing is the
Restoration of Your Own inner Balance
On a mental, physical, and spiritual level

“We make a leap beyond the limitation of intellect and logic
To a higher level of knowledge
Beyond time, place, and reason: We go from where we believed it was impossible… to Where it can be made possible!”

Gun Nowak, Founder and CEO of the trendsetting FACE STOCKHOLM Cosmetic Skin Care Company with cosmetic stores all over the world, commented: “After an inspirational lecture for our sales employees, I also recommended that each employee would meet individually with Helena for personal coaching sessions. This had a very positive effect on their wellbeing and on their approach to both their personal life and their business performance.”